Do I bring my pets to Karen 4 Your Pets for care?

No. As an alternative to the usual board and care facility – the kennel – many owners are now choosing to keep their pets in less stressful surroundings at home.

Will my dog get walked while I’m away?

Yes, if your dog is used to walking on a leash daily, we will gladly walk your dog.

Will Karen 4 Your Pets clean up after my pets?

Yes. We clean up litter boxes and yards, and change cage paper, as needed.

Does Karen 4 Your Pets administer pills to my pets?

Yes, we administer any necessary medications but this is dependent on your pet’s temperament.

Does Karen 4 Your Pets offer any supplemental in-home services?

Yes. We will also water plants, bring in mail and newspapers, alternate lights, open and close draperies, and set alarm systems so that the home appears occupied.

How often does Karen 4 Your Pets visit my home while I’m away?

Please refer to the “services” page.

How much lead time does Karen 4 Youe Pets require when I book their services?

It is preferable to call at least 4-10 days ahead of the first time you utilize the services (during the holidays, 2-3 weeks).

What are your cancellation policies?

We understand the “life happens,” and are very understanding about cancellations.

Why is an in-home service preferable to a kennel?

It is less stressful for your pets to stay home. They can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their daily routine, and exposure to illness is reduced.

What about references and recommendations?

References are provided upon request.

What are the rates for pet-sitting?

Please click on the Rate tab for more information

Is there any additional charge for holidays?


When do I pay?

Please click on the Rate tab.

May I use a credit card to pay the fees? What other forms of payment are accepted?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, paypal, cash and checks.

How do I contact Karen 4 Your Pets?

Please click on our Contacting Us tab.

I would like the petsitter to contact me every day, either by phone, text or by email-is that possible?

Absolutely! We love sending updates, and even pictures when the pet(s) cooperate.




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