Services and Fees


I know many people may shy away from utilizing a pet sitter because of the cost. For this reason, I am pleased to offer our services at very reasonable rates allowing you to provide your “kids” with a happy, comfortable and fun experience while you are away. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can accommodate the needs of your special family members!

Initial Consultation (Meet & Greet)

The first step is to schedule an initial visit for everyone to meet, including the “kids”. This visit will be 30-45 minutes. It allows us to get familiar with your pets and vice versa, gather pertinent information about your pets and home, and get a house key to provide the desired services.

Midday Visit

Take the stress away from your pets while you are away for the day, whether at work or play. Each day, Karen 4 Your Pets will let your pet outside to play. We’ll make sure your kiddie gets out to stretch his/her legs, gets some fresh air and do their business, as well as receiving lots of TLC! Feeding, fresh water, and medication can also be provided. This is a great way to help get that new “little one” get potty trained and/or socialized!

Rate: Midday Break- starting at $13 per visit


Need to leave town? Karen 4 Your Pets is here for you. Each visit will be tailored to their individual needs. You will be able to enjoy your time away while your pets get to stay in their own home. And they will love you for it!

Each visit will consist of the following:

* Potty Breaks

* Litter Box Maintenance 

* Playtime & Exercise 

* Fresh Food & Water 

* Give Medication (if needed) 

* Indoor cleanup of pet accidents 

* Lots of TLC 

* Bring in the Mail & Paper 

* Rotate Lights & Adjust Window Treatments 

* Take Trash to Curb 

* Water Plants 

* House walk through on each visit to ensure security

Feel free to call anytime while you are away to see how your pet(s) are enjoying their “vacation”. I will send text messages or emails with updates, and I love to send pictures!

Is your pooch used to snuggling with you at night? No worries, Karen 4 Your Pets is your solution. We will spend the night in your home with them so they can maintain their routine in the security and comfort of their own environment!


Regular vacation visits – starting at $16 per visit

Overnights – $85 arriving between 8-9pm leaving between 7-8am including 1 midday visit. (additional midday visit $10 extra)

For cats, normally one to two visits per day is sufficient. For your pooch the most popular schedule is 3 visits per day, however 2-visit or 4-visit days are available as well.

Kitties only visit – $14

Home Services

Just need your home looked in on? We can take care of that also. Generally house sitting includes one to two visits per day. Visits include:

* Bringing in Mail/Paper 

* Checking all Doors 

* Taking Trash to Curb/Bringing Back In 

* Rotating Lights 

* Watering Indoor/Outdoor Plants 

* Adjusting Window Treatments 

* Setting Security System 

* Complete House Walk Through 

Rate: $14 per visit


Cancellation Policy

We understand that unavoidable things can happen to cause you to have to change your plans, therefore, we do not charge if a client has to cancel a pet sitting reservation. The earlist possible notice is greatly appreciated, especially during holidays.


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